Overhead view of a Canadian suburb in winter.

Hundreds of individuals are sowing gospel seeds across Canada

Finding the Hope — March 18, 2021

Messengers of Hope are active and becoming a vital part of our work. We are so grateful for the hundreds of individual Christians who are sowing gospel seeds across Canada.

We regularly hear testimonies of what many are doing, seeing, hearing, how they are planning their seed-sowing and how they are able to engage with people ready to hear about Jesus.

One such testimony came from a 77-year-old woman in Toronto. She has been sharing printed gospel messages in the East York section of the city for the past 12 years.

In a recent message, she told us that although she used several printed gospel messages over the years, the Finding the Hope booklet has become her piece of choice: “I really like the Finding the Hope booklet. This is my go-to now.”

The pandemic has increased her sense of urgency and perseverance in evangelism and she wrote, “I am impressed with the need to occupy until He comes.”

During the Christmas season, she used the Christmas card and booklet that we offered and distributed 300 of these packets, mostly to apartments above businesses that were shut down. She says, “Times are hard and we need to get the Good News to people.”

On the outside of the envelopes that went with the Christmas cards and booklets she wrote, “Good News,” hoping to spark curiosity. In the Christmas cards, she wrote, “Jesus loves you!”

She maintains, “I don’t care how far I have to travel so long as there’s a mailbox.”

We give thanks to the Lord for this sister, and for many EHC partners like her who are Messengers of Hope in action!

Let’s keep this dear sister and all Messengers of Hope in prayer, for the Lord’s protection as they go, for wisdom as opportunities arise for conversations, and for the Lord to prepare good soil in people’s hearts to receive the precious Gospel.

Pre-Easter Outreaches in Preparation
At the moment, we are working with churches that are planning a pre-Easter outreach to their neighbourhoods.

Please join us in prayer over the next weeks for these outreaches.

  • Balgonie, SK
  • White City, SK
  • Fort Qu’Appelle, SK (Abernethy; Avonhurst; Balcarres; Cupar; Dysart; Indian Head; Lebret; Lipton; Qu’Appelle; Pascal)
  • Ituna, SK (Bankend; Fenwood; Goodeve; Hubbard; Jedburgh; Kelliher; Lecross; Lestock; Melville; Punnichy; Willowbrook; Wishart)
  • Trout Creek, ON
  • Welland, ON (partial)
  • Arcadia, NS

May the Lord bless the going forth of the gospel message and draw people to Himself. May His kingdom come!

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