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Easter 2020 Outreaches Are Preparing to Launch!

Finding the Hope — February 28, 2020

Finding the Hope Easter outreaches are set to launch in a few weeks. A total of 91 churches in 16 locations will reach a total of 64 communities in four provinces.

These outreaches will place a gospel message in 296,606 homes.

Three of these outreaches will touch portions of cities while the balance will reach entire towns and cities. Here is the list:

  • Alberta: Spruce Grove, Calgary.
  • Ontario: Hamilton, Prescott/Cardinal (5 communities), Port Elgin (6 communities), Aurora, Kingston, Cornwall. Also, Quinte Region (25 communities), Deep River (4 communities), Springfield (6 communities), Midland & area (6 communities).
  • Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown.
  • Québec: St-Jérôme, Ste-Marie-de-Beauce (2 communities).

It’s time to lift these communities and outreaches to the Lord in prayer!

For years, our team at EHC has prayed: “Lord, make a way for your Gospel in Canada and prepare peoples’ hearts to receive it.”

Those of you who attended a Change the World School of Prayer in years past will remember that a focus of EHC’s global mission has been to pray for open heavens, open doors and open hearts. God’s extraordinary answers to these three simple requests have helped to prepare a harvest for the Lord, even in the most difficult parts of the world, and literally millions have responded to Christ’s invitation.

In the next few weeks, 16 Finding the Hope outreaches will touch 62 communities and place a gospel message in 318,125 homes. These outreaches need to be bathed in prayer. Would you make time in your day over the next month to pray for these outreaches and for the people who live in these communities. Ask the Lord to lead you and He will speak to your heart and guide your thoughts.

Would you also keep in prayer these important needs?

  1. Open heavens over the towns and cities where the Finding the Hope message will be
    sent, that the light of the Gospel of Christ will pierce darkness and doubt.
  2. Open doors of opportunities for meaningful conversation between Christians and
    their neighbours.
  3. Open hearts to the Gospel of salvation and to the love and life that only Jesus gives.

May the Lord bless these outreaches, the participating churches and the homes that will receive the Finding the Hope message!

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