Everywhere we work, we ask, “How many people live in this region? How do they live? What do they believe? What will it take to reach them with the Gospel?” EHC workers do everything they can to understand the social, religious, political and economic realities of those they seek to reach.


Prayer Mobilization

EHC mobilizes believers worldwide to pray for its evangelistic and discipleship ministry. To get involved, see Prayer.


Strategic Partnerships

EHC has partnered with scores of Christian individuals, congregations and organizations. Whether the task is training, transportation, translation or other work, EHC recognizes the value of partnerships. We also provide other organizations with printed gospel literature.



Going to every home in a community with the Gospel is how EHC fulfills the call to “all” and “every” given in the Great Commission. Saturation ensures that the influence of the Gospel is present everywhere in society and accessible to people. Systematically going to every dwelling in a nation with the Gospel is a doable and reachable goal!


Gospel Messaging

EHC uses a variety of media and literature to communicate the Gospel, with our main tools being printed material (or other reusable media such as recordings for the illiterate). We use gospel literature that is right for the audience and have material for adults and children in the language or dialect of the local people.


Local Leadership

EHC works through qualified local leadership, people who know the culture, speak the language and identify with those they are reaching for Christ.



We conscientiously seek to cultivate and conserve the fruit of every outreach. At EHC, we include response cards with all of our evangelistic literature. When our overseas offices receive a response, we respond with a multi-lesson Bible correspondence course and guide seekers into existing churches or local EHC Christ Group fellowships.


Church Planting

When we present the Gospel in places where no churches exist, EHC workers plant Christ Group fellowships to provide places for worship and training of new disciples. To date, more than 200,000 Christ Group fellowships have been established, with many becoming mature congregations.