Good News Messengers in Action

Finding the Hope — January 27, 2021

The year 2020 brought unimaginable challenges. It would be fair to say that we have experienced the extreme fragility of life in this world.

In the midst of this, EHC partners prayerfully discerned opportunities to share the message of lasting hope leading up to Christmas.

Our office received over 2100 requests for quantities of the Christmas Finding the Hope resources which included the FTH booklet, and a beautiful Christmas card and envelope, ready to use. We actually responded to requests for over 30,000 of this Christmas resource. People were creative in their approach and many thousand gospel messages were passed along by hundreds of Christians across Canada.

We are profoundly grateful to be able to work with a growing network of friends across the country who desire to bring the message of salvation, hope and eternal life to people, where they live and where they go.

Here is a small sampling of what they’ve done!

  • Ed requested 50 FTH Christmas card packets to give to people in his Celebrate Recovery group in Welland, ON.
  • Abraham ordered 300 FTH Christmas packets for his church in North York, ON. They serve 150 families from different faiths and backgrounds with free food weekly and added the FTH Christmas packs in December.
  • Brenda ordered 150 Christmas card packets for the goodie bags that Clinton First Baptist Church handed out during their free curbside take-out community Christmas dinner in December.
  • Charlene from Regina, SK ordered 500 Christmas booklets to distribute with a friend to homes in their neighbourhoods. Another business owner friend shared the booklets at her business.
  • Santina and her sister in Gatineau, QC, distributed Christmas cards and booklets home to home and also displayed them on a table in a public location for anyone to take.
  • Mark has overcome addiction and is now on disability. Since he came to Christ, he’s been on a mission to take the Gospel to homes all over St. Thomas, ON. He requested 400 Christmas booklets to deliver home to home on his electric scooter.

Let’s Pray

Let’s ask the Lord often to pour out His love and grace on the people reached and to also strengthen and bless those who have so kindly shared the Christmas Finding the Hope message with people around them. May the Lord cause the seeds of life that were planted to be rooted deeply in peoples’ hearts and bear much fruit, to the glory of God.

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