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Finding the Hope update

Finding the Hope — March 8, 2024

Church revitalization in Caeserea, Ontario

When Pastor Henry Huberts arrived in 2023 the as pastor to Caeserea Christian Fellowship the congregation averaged 15 people. He and the church board saw this as an opportunity for church revitalization leading to more effective ministry in the community.

Over the summer months, the pastor lead people in prayer walks and intentional, gracious connections with the public, offering prayer and gospel literature as they went.

With the Christmas season in view plans were made to partner with EHC for a Finding the Hope outreach that would include the evangelistic package being mailed to just over 1,000 homes in Caesarea and nearby Nestleton. A card was included showing their contact information and an invitation to the church’s ministries and Christmas Eve service.

Targeted Facebook ads were run simultaneously resulting in many visits to the Finding the Hope evangelism website.

The pastor reports that, “Twenty-three visitors came out to our church on Christmas Eve, and the good news about Jesus was shared. Seeds were planted. We look forward to seeing what the Lord will do.” This response came as a direct result of God’s people praying and the gospel message being mailed out with invitations.

Ongoing cultivation of the community includes another every home contact using a Finding the Hope postcard that includes church information and an invitation to Easter events.

We pray that God will continue to open hearts of more and more people and that this small congregation will be empowered by God’s grace to be a lighthouse for the lost, to the glory of God.

Gospel literature has no expiry date

Recently, Réjean from Québec wrote to our office requesting 25 French Finding the Hope booklets. He went on to say that he was going through his cupboards and came across our Christmas version of the booklet that he had received some 7 years earlier. He recalled with great appreciation how that booklet had helped him to come to Christ and now wanted to have more that he could pass along to his friends. Let’s pray for Réjean and for people he will connect with, that God’s abundant grace will minister to them.

A praise report

We praise God that over the week of Christmas with limited funds, we were able to reach 1,274,856 different people resulting in 23,519 click-throughs to the web site where visitors can read the Finding the Hope booklet and take next steps.

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