A lit Christmas candle

A Christmas Prayer

Harvest Partner — December 24, 2023

Heavenly Father and eternal God, hope of all humankind, thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Son of God, Light of the world, shine brightly in the darkness of minds and hearts.

Jesus Christ, eternal Word and king eternal, in your mercy make a way for the Good News of your kingdom to reach every home, every heart, everywhere.

Protect and preserve the labourers who courageously declare your gospel throughout the world. Provide for their every need. Be their strength and joy.

Be the comforter, defender and provider of the poor, the helpless, the cold, the hungry, the orphaned, the aged and the children, the weary, the oppressed, those persecuted for their faith in you, and those in the crossfire of armed conflicts around the world.

We also pray most heartily for the healing of the sick and comfort for those who mourn.

Lord of all, reveal yourself to those who do not know you and lift the veil blinding their mind to the gospel.

Bless those who rejoice in you and wait for your return. Renew their hope and strength every day.

Glorious Lord, we join our voices to the heavenly host of long ago and proclaim, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests.” Amen.

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