EHC workers share the gospel in Myanmar

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Harvest Partner — May 15, 2024

EHC teams go to every corner of the world to bring the gospel message to people. Their patient labour of love is bearing fruit in diverse cultures and in restricted access nation.

Africa: Burkina Faso

When EHC workers led Traore through a piece of gospel literature, Traore put his faith in Jesus. His family, however, was not glad to hear he was a Christian. They even tried to kill him, but when God thwarted their plans, Traore’s father realized that Jesus was the truth. He called their extended family together to hear the gospel from the same EHC workers who reached Traore and all 24 people came to Christ.

Restricted Access

Aziz had tried to share the gospel with his uncle and aunt, but they were never interested in what he had to say. Then their son, Mohsin, contracted COVID-19. He had battled liver cirrhosis for six years and had to be hospitalized. In critical condition, Mohsin was given oxygen and put into a medically induced coma. Aziz visited his distraught uncle and aunt in the hospital, and they let him pray with them. A mere six hours later, Mohsin came out of the coma. The doctors said it was the first miracle they had ever seen. Aziz’s uncle put his faith in Jesus, and when they went home from the hospital. Mohsin did as well! (Names are changed for security.)

Asia: Myanmar

U Pyone Cho led his village in the worship of traditional gods, so when an EHC team came to his house, he would not allow them to talk to his family. The team went to pray, and when they returned, U Pyone Cho let them in. After hearing the message, U Pyone Cho’s wife and both of his daughters accepted Jesus as their Savior, but U Pyone Cho refused. Some time later, U Pyone Cho suffered a stroke. The EHC team came to visit him again, and at last U Pyone Cho put his faith in Jesus and asked to be baptized. There is now a Christ Group that meets in their home.

Americas: Mexico

A group of EHC workers were sharing the gospel in a mafia-controlled neighbourhood, when the mafia boss showed up! His gang demanded that the team hand over their belongings. Our team did so peacefully, but then they insisted on sharing the gospel with the mafia boss. He was so impressed by their boldness that he returned their belongings and allowed them to continue their outreach. Three women came to faith that day, including the mafia boss’ wife.

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