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A Messengers of Hope Update

Harvest Partner — May 27, 2024

Summer is coming and along with it many opportunities to pass along the message of hope in Christ in a variety of ways, including public events and various displays. Please feel free to contact us if we can provide you with quantities of Finding the Hope booklets. These small booklets speak for themselves about what God offers to everyone. It’s his own story and it makes the difference in bringing conviction and awakening faith in people’s hearts.

Leduc, AB

Kim regularly uses our Finding the Hope materials as a preferred tool for evangelism. He first discovered them in a church in Edmonton, AB. He likes how they make reference to what life is really like and how they lead an individual to understand that Jesus wants to have a relationship with us. He says, “I’m really impressed by the pictures and message of the Finding the Hope booklet. It is really heart-touching.” His reason for using gospel literature is a sense of urgency “to get the Word out”.

Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge, BC

A church just outside of the city of Maple Ridge, BC has rented an exhibitor’s booth at the Ridge Meadows Home Show in early May. This annual show will typically host over 20,000 visitors each year. After seeing the Finding the Hope gospel booklet Carol, the contact person, indicated that they would like to have gospel materials to hand out to the people who attend. Since this event is very well attended and can be quite noisy, they say it is difficult to have a meaningful one-on-one conversation with people. This is why they feel it is important to at least put a gospel booklet into the hands of anyone who wants one.

The story continues in Calgary, AB

We encourage Finding the Hope participating churches to consider reaching communities with the gospel as a continuing process of praying, sowing, cultivating, gathering and discipling. We shared the testimony in late 2023 of the small church revitalization underway in Calgary where an outreach yielded many new contacts. Leading up to Easter the church sowed again in a smaller area of the city and again it immediately generated more than 30 new contacts. Let’s continue to pray that God will guide the process of cultivation and discipling of new respondents. Let’s also pray for the church leadership and congregation that the Lord will protect them, strengthen them and provide in every way.

Let’s pray that the Lord will prepare hearts to receive the Finding the Hope gospel message and make a way for the gospel to reach every corner of our nation.

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