The Ukrainian flag blowing against the sky

We Pray for Ukraine

Harvest Partner — March 25, 2022

The Ukrainian Member of Parliament asked for prayer above all else. Let’s lift this crisis to the Lord throughout the day, even in brief whispered prayers. Here are some ideas for what you could pray for:

  • Government leaders — that they will be moved and prompted by God to act wisely, to use their power honourably; for God to move on their hearts to steward well their responsibility for peace and safety.
  • Christian leaders — that God will unite them around the cause of Christ and give them wisdom to know how to respond to the needs around them.
  • Our brothers and sisters and their families — that they would be protected in every way and provided for by God’s grace; that they would be able to share the hope of Christ with others.
  • The lost who need Christ as Saviour and Lord — that God will awaken them to their need of Christ, the Saviour and Lord.

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