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We can never overestimate the value of godly wisdom

Harvest Partner — March 18, 2021

Today, people at every level of society and across the globe are scrambling and searching for ways to deal with the present pandemic and its implications. To help preserve and protect lives, scientists and medical authorities are researching and making recommendations based on what they are learning, often on the run.

Governments are trying to implement regulations in order to carry out what is hoped to be beneficial for the welfare of people.

Extreme situations and challenges cry out for true wisdom — determining what is the right way to think and the right thing to do in whatever situation a person finds themselves.

I have heard wisdom described as “skill in living.” I’ve also heard that wisdom is insight into how to think and act, putting knowledge and experience and understanding and common sense into practice. All this could help describe human wisdom.

The Bible describes two kinds of wisdom. One is the wisdom of the world which James describes as earthly, unspiritual, harboring bitterness, envy, boastfulness, selfish ambition, disorder and every evil practice (James 3:13-16).

In contrast to the wisdom of the world, the Bible describes the wisdom that is from above as pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere (James 3:17).

The wisdom of God is profound, precious, deep and rich, magnificent, manifold and unsurpassable.

I’m grateful for the knowledge that has been gained through the centuries in many streams of life. I’m grateful for what could be described as wisdom that has developed from learning. However, at every level, the world needs more than earthly, human wisdom.

Wisdom is so much more than a vast amount of human knowledge. Wisdom is insight into how to put the knowledge into practice.

Knowing a lot of facts and information about many things is important but knowing what to do for God’s purposes and glory is something else.

Today more than ever in our lifetime we need wisdom from above. The Source of this wisdom is far beyond natural, human wisdom.

So how can we receive the wisdom from above?

  • Recognize the Source. Wisdom is an attribute of God — “The only wise God” wrote Paul in Romans 16:27 and, as he exclaims in Romans 11:33 “Oh the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God.” Prepare for it. Psalm 111:10 states that the fear of the Lord (holy reverence) is the beginning of wisdom. This is a disposition of the heart, a submission to God marked by humility, dependence and repentance.
  • Seek it. Explore the Scriptures to see what it looks like, sounds like and how it’s reflected in behaviour. Note how Jesus demonstrated wisdom in His earthly life. Ask God to guide your heart towards wisdom.
  • Pray for it. James writes in 1:5 that as we experience tests and trials, we need wisdom and should ask God for it: “If anyone lacks wisdom let him ask of God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”
  • Receive it. Ask the Lord to give you specific words of wisdom for strategy, next steps, and more.
  • Confirm it. Process major issues with trusted others who walk with God.
  • Walk in it. With humble trust in God, carefully proceed.
  • Remember it. Review the times when special wisdom was received in the Bible and also in your own life. Give thanks to God for His unsurpassed wisdom.

Make seeking wisdom from God a regular component of your prayer times.

Ask the Lord for wisdom for your personal circumstances.

Ask the Lord to guide people in leadership roles in all wisdom and for the good of people (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

Ask the Lord to grant EHC Canada leaders wisdom every day for the many decisions that must be made, the right way of thinking about issues at hand and wisdom to know what to do.

May God bless and guide you as you seek His wisdom in these challenging times!

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