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Summer 2023 outreaches in Ontario and Québec

Uncategorized — July 21, 2023

Finding the Hope outreaches are scheduled for the summer months in Québec and in Ontario.


FTH outreaches are reaching homes and people in over 50 communities centred in Mont Royal, Côtes-des-Neige, and Montmagny. These outreaches feature major public evangelistic events to which people of all ages are invited. Finding the Hope packets containing our booklet and an invitation to these events will be delivered to approximately 70,000 homes, representing a potential population of more than 150,000 people. Messengers of Hope will be engaging with people, and a saturation with the use of social media is also planned. Please pray for fruitful outreaches!


Two unique outreaches are scheduled for the neighbourhoods of North and East York in Toronto. A special evangelistic event will run over a few days to which people of all ages will be invited. An invitation will be included in the FTH packet to homes in the North York neighbourhood. Please pray that people receiving the gospel message in both neighbourhoods will be receptive!.

Messengers of Hope in Action

One of the great advantages of the Finding the Hope booklet is that it can easily be passed along to someone, even when a conversation is not possible.

Marlene from Thunder Bay, Ontario has been using the Finding the Hope booklet for some time. She writes, “They are very well received. Everywhere I go I give them out—at the post office, the grocery store, and so on.” She added, “Everybody’s in a hurry and I only have a short window of time to hand out a booklet.” Even so, Marlene prays that God will use the FTH booklets to speak to people about the most important matter of all!

Let’s pray for the labourers involved in all these outreaches, that they be strengthened in every way by God’s grace and Spirit. Let’s pray for hearts to be receptive to the gospel message.

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