A group of Christians are baptized in a river in Papua New Guinea.

Jesus is at work in Papua New Guinea

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In Mark 16:20, we read a summary of the ministry of the first generation of the Lord’s mission workers: “Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it”.

The book of Acts along with Paul’s writings, give more details of the Lord’s grace at work to transform lives by his supernatural power and grace.

And his great work continues today as his servants proclaim the good news of salvation in Christ. As I read reports from our co-workers in Papua New Guinea recently, it reminded me that this same Jesus is at work in some of the most challenging places of the world, rescuing broken people.

Papua New Guinea is a nation of many tribes and much conflict where some 800 languages are spoken. Inland areas are remote and often difficult to access, with workers having to hike mountains, cross rivers, walk long distances through mud, heat, and face threats and obstacles physically and spiritually. Yet the gospel is making a difference.

The following is a snapshot of a team on the move, the Lord working with them.

A group of men pray in a circle together

Divinely Prepared Connections

In early 2023, EHC Pioneer Missionary, Adolf Kulitu, set out for Daru Island from Port Moresby for a week of evangelism. His goal was to reach a settlement of approximately 20,000 people.

When Adolf first set out for Daru, he had no contact with anyone on the island except one, Samuel, whom he had met on Facebook two weeks before his trip. It turned out that Samuel was the former mayor for Daru Island. On the day of arrival at the airport, Samuel was also at the airport seeing his daughter off to Port Moresby. When he saw Adolf, he approached him and asked if they had met somewhere before. When he found out that Adolf was his Facebook friend who had travelled to the island he was overwhelmed with joy. He took care of Adolf the entire week.

During the week, Adolf visited many settlements. Many families surrendered their lives to Jesus wherever he visited and shared the gospel.

People were amazed at how no one has ever brought the Good News to them before Adolf. Tuberculosis (TB) is also a widespread disease on the island that has affected many people. Everywhere Adolf went, he laid hands on the sick and prayed for them, ten of whom received instant healing. God has worked enormously through one man. Praise be to God.

A local worker hands out EHC materials in a public area.

Facing the Giants

A team of seven led by Lothie Yanginda, a courageous young woman, headed out into four different villages of Ambunti-Dreikkir district in Wewak, East Sepik Province. The opposition they faced was much greater than they had expected. However, many people were healed and dozens of people came to Christ in a short space of time.

One confrontation was by a ruthless drug lord who had also started an atheistic cult.

Known for tearing up the Bible, stomping on it and banning the mention of the name of Jesus, Eddy, a giant of a man, confronted the missionaries, ready to crush them as soon as he heard of them. The whole village watched as Eddy approached the missionaries and went head on with Lothie, the team leader.

“What makes you think the Word of God is still alive?” he asked. “I will not have you come here and preach false teachings to mislead my people” he continued. Lothie stood upon John 1:1 and began to quote the Scripture. Even though Eddy was much bigger and had all his followers behind him, Lothie feared no one. The debate was intense. Lothie quoted Scripture upon Scripture and with tears running down her face, she silenced the whole village. The presence of God was overwhelming and left everyone speechless. Eddy and his followers backed away slowly, and Lothie knew God had won the battle for her.

Let us continue to pray for Lothie and her team to stand strong in faith. Let us also pray for God to deliver Eddy and his followers completely from spiritual darkness.

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