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Praying for Our Neighbours and Our Nation

Harvest Partner — July 1, 2020

Canada Day celebrations will be different this year. Still, we want to thank the Lord for His mercy and goodness, and pray for our neighbours and our nation.

Canadians need the Lord. Canadians need the life and hope that only Jesus can give. Our Canadian leaders need the influence of the powerful Gospel of Christ.

We must pray and call on our God with deep faith in His unfailing love.

Few of God’s people have political or social influence, but each of us has a welcome mat at the throne of grace. In prayer, we can lay our nation and its more than 37 million people lovingly at the feet of our Lord, knowing that He is ultimately in control. Let’s make time in our lives to be in prayer often for our neighbours and our nation.


Let’s pray for leaders at every level of government, that they will have great wisdom for the many decisions they face, particularly at this difficult time. May the Lord guide them in all their responsibilities; may He protect them and surround them with competent advisors.


Let’s remember those who serve bravely and sacrificially at this time. May the Lord give them strength and protection and wisdom.


Let’s pray for a renewal of devotion to the Lord, His Word and His mission. May the Lord raise up the Canadian Church to once again be a people of prayer who bring the Good News of salvation to the lost.


Finding the Hope outreaches continue month by month during the global pandemic and people are responding to our office and to local churches. Let’s pray for people who are receiving the FTH booklet, that the message of the Gospel will bear much fruit in their lives, that they will know the love of God and be drawn to Him by His Spirit.


Let’s pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon our nation, to awake in people the awareness that God is present and that He can be known. May God stir in people a desire to know Him and to walk humbly with Him.


Let’s pray for protection of people from coast to coast and for the healing of those who are sick.


Let’s pray for humility to replace the arrogance in our culture. May the Lord speak to peoples’ hearts and may we all listen and respond to His voice. Let’s pray fervently for our nation and its people and may the Lord hear the sincere prayers of His people.

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