Water pours out of a jug

Let’s stay hydrated!

Harvest Partner — February 8, 2024

Scarcity of clean drinking water is a frightening thing. It is experienced in many parts of the world and sadly even in some communities in Canada.

Water is vital to life. Wars have been fought and blood has been shed to gain access and control of precious water supplies.

Clean, uncontaminated water is essential to human life and does more than quench our thirst. Nearly all the body’s major systems depend on water to function and survive. The percentage of water in our body ranges between 45-75%, depending on several factors including age, sex, and body weight. It’s no surprise then that staying hydrated does wonders.

We now know from medical science that water is essential to brain function which affects the well-functioning of the entire body. Water regulates body temperature, moistens tissues in the eyes, nose, mouth and throat, protects body organs, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, lubricates joints, aids kidneys and liver to flush out toxins, dissolves minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to our body and so much more.

Simply stated, good and pure water enables body functions that sustains life and the quality of life.

Now, let’s turn to the words of Jesus. When he used water as a symbol to illustrate that which is necessary for our spiritual life, he was communicating a vital message. Knowing what we know about water, his message really hits home.

The living water that the Jesus speaks about is essential to our spiritual life.

Jesus speaks of living water. He says that whoever drinks the water that he gives will never thirst, and that this living water will become a spring of water deep within a person welling up to eternal life. (John 4: 7-14)

Jewish people in Jesus’ day would have understood the significance of his words. The prophet Jeremiah refers to a tree planted by a stream of water to illustrate the flourishing of a person whose trust is entirely in God. The point is emphasized by contrasting the one who trusts in God with the one who trusts in man. One doesn’t fear in hardship but continues to bear fruit, while the other is like a bush in the wasteland. (Jeremiah 17: 5-8)

Just as consuming water daily has many benefits, there are profound benefits to reading and pondering the Word of God daily.

God’s Word and Holy Spirit refresh and energize us spiritually, emotionally, mentally and enable abundant living to the praise of his glory.

Just as clear fresh water sustains us and cleanses our bodies, God’s written Word and Holy Spirit sustains our inner life and washes us clean deep in our souls. It purifies our thoughts, corrects our motives, and frees our conscience as we absorb it and obey its truths. It communicates God’s wisdom and counsel and becomes a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

In these challenging days, let’s make time daily for the Word of God. We need it now more than ever.

Taking quiet time with God’s Word every day is transformative. This practice doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply spending time with his Word and being attentive to his voice, does more for us than we can imagine. Pondering the Word of God in our hearts throughout the day may be the most important thing that we do. It shapes who we are, and it prepares us for the unexpected events of this life. It also equips us for unplanned opportunities to share his precious gospel.

Let’s go to the Word daily to receive and keep our hearts and minds well hydrated, whatever this year may bring.

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