Finding the Hope Goes to Gaspé!

Harvest Partner, News — September 9, 2015

The first 22 days of July brought a wave of good news to a portion of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec. Over 19,000 homes from Nouvelle all along the coast to Grande-Rivière received a bilingual Finding the Hope packet and an invitation to a special evangelistic event.

Mobilizing meeting with workers
Mobilizing meeting with workers

It began in late 2014 in prayerful conversation with long time acquaintance, Evangelist Chuck Price. We both have some history with that region of Quebec and both felt burdened to do something to bring the message of salvation to people.

The vision grew into a multi-faceted outreach to tens of thousands of people where there are few evangelical believers. A special partnership formed between EHC, Chuck Price, Stéphane Jalbert from northern New Brunswick and four small congregations in the Gaspé Peninsula.

Reaching children
Reaching children

The Finding the Hope packet sent to each home provided several opportunities for people to respond and connect with churches and included invitations to events geared to both adults and children. Each event had a clear Gospel presentation by Evangelist Chuck Price, special programs for children presented by a Quebec children’s ministry, and opportunities for fellowship and conversations. Print media, radio ads and a broad Facebook promo campaign blanketed the area.

Mobilizing workers
Mobilizing workers

The project was a real encouragement to local believers. This multi-faceted initiative gave them a fresh opportunity to connect with their neighbours. Already more than 600 responses have come in—some in writing, others by email or website visits; a number of people made commitments to Christ at each public event as the Lord touched many lives!

Although the public events were rained out almost every night, people still came to the backup indoor settings. As the outreach team travelled from place to place and engaged with individuals, whether on the streets or in restaurants, they found many open hearts. Some people responded in the moment.

Truly there is a ripened harvest just beyond the walls of the churches!

Now that the area has been sown with printed and digital gospel messages, cultivation is critical.

  • Let’s pray that local believers will take every opportunity to engage with people around them.
  • Let’s pray that those who have committed their lives to Christ will be rooted and established in Christian faith.
  • Let’s pray for those who have received the messages that the Spirit of the Lord will continue to speak to their hearts and open their eyes to see Christ, the loving Saviour.

May the Lord reap an abundant harvest in that region of the Gaspé Peninsula!

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