Turnaround for villages in Siberia!

Harvest Partner, News — October 17, 2013

When a gang leader showed up at an evangelical campaign happening in a village in Siberia, the prayers of the church outreach team were answered in a spectacular way. Before the four-day campaign, the youth of Zakaltus village had feared a ruthless man who controlled two local gangs – but then they were amazed to see him repent before God!

“That man visited the evangelical campaign and heard about Jesus,” shares Sergey Lyakhov, EHC’s regional director in Siberia. As he repented, scores of young people and adults also responded positively to the gospel message they had heard. Afterward, the changed man asked the team to visit a neighbouring village and hold another campaign so people there could also hear the Good News and be saved.

As Sergey writes:
“That new converted (former gangs chief) guy asked us very much to come visit a nearby village and make evangelism program meetings. After persuading the team to come, he went ahead to that village called Nyuki and was like an emissary to get the local young people ready for the event. As the result, 221 responded well and 111 of them took the decision to follow Jesus Christ.”

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