Trekking Into Papua New Guinea…

Harvest Partner, News — October 4, 2013
Missionaries in Papua New GuineaIn Papua New Guinea, pioneer missionaries have been going to great lengths to share the Good News. A team of 10 EHC workers recently set out for the remote district of Bialla, where communication with the outside world is completely cut off.

For three months, they travelled and ministered without any contact with the EHC office in PNG. They hiked on foot, crossing rivers and climbing mountains with boxes full of gospel literature.

It was impractical to carry enough food for three months of ministry, so they lived off the land, sometimes receiving meals from friendly villagers, but many times fasting simply because there was nothing to eat.

“We encountered a great hunger for the Word of God in this district,” the team reports. Many people are learning to read and when they receive the Good News, they are eager to share it with others.”

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Canada is a missions field with a harvest!

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Harvest Partner — February 21, 2020

Benigno’s Story

Colca is a village that has great need. The problems and difficulties are overwhelming for many, and there are a lot of people here who suffer from alcoholism and poverty. “It’s in the midst of doing ministry that I met Benigno. Early on, he told me that he knew a lot of Bible principles. He knew biblical ideas, but no one had ever taught him how to really follow Jesus. It gave him real problems in his life." Read more...

Harvest Partner — October 11, 2018

Sharing the Gospel in Bulgaria

"No one would blame Bogdan if, after what happened, he decided to stop going home to home. Insults, lies, false accusations and being unjustly arrested might deter many believers. But Bogdan finds joy in sharing the Gospel with others, and nothing dampens that." Read more...

Harvest Partner, News — July 13, 2017

Finding the Hope Goes to Gaspé!

The first 22 days of July brought a wave of good news to a portion of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec. Over 19,000 homes from Nouvelle all along the coast to Grande-Rivière received a bilingual Finding the Hope packet and an invitation to a special evangelistic event. It began in late 2014 in prayerful conversation… Read More…

Harvest Partner, News — September 9, 2015