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News, — July 7, 2014


THE PAST YEAR has been another outstanding year of fruitful ministry for Every Home for Christ, by God’s grace. A record number of people have been reached in their homes. More responses than ever have been followed up and new Christ Groups planted as tens of thousands of people commit to the simple mission of presenting Christ to everyone everywhere in the world.

EVERY DAY, the worldwide offices coordinated research, prayer mobilization, envisioning and mobilizing of thousands of volunteers committed to:
• Reaching more than one million people home by home
• Following up over 44,000 decisions/responses
• Establishing over 70 Christ Groups (infant churches)
• Training hundreds of people to lead the many outreaches

In 2013, a total of 138,793 leaders received live on-site training through EHC in discipleship, evangelism and church planting.

The global volunteer force rose to a monthly average of 44,581, the highest total in EHC’s 67-year history.



Having begun less than five years ago, Finding the Hope is an initiative that has seen more than 400 campaigns carried out in communities from Newfoundland to British Columbia and into the far north. Responses come through the mail, email and web sites. Those who respond are able to also connect with a church in their area right from the web site. In addition to campaigns, Christians are using the Finding the Hope evangelism booklet and the follow-up book, 7 Days with Jesus, as they go about life and work in special ministry centres, hospitals, prisons, funeral homes, soup kitchens, men’s and women’s groups, and more.

More than 2,000 newly released Personal Evangelism Kits are in circulation with more going out across Canada every day!
Our prayer is that knowledge of our Lord and Saviour will flood our nation and the nations of the world as the waters cover the sea and that we do our part in God’s great rescue mission of reaching lost people with the only thing that can save them—the Gospel.

To learn more about the global ministry of EHC and the range of resources available for ministry in Canada, please visit us online at ehc.ca, email ehc@ehc.ca or call 1-800-265-7326 (toll free).

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Peter did not want to live…

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