God has already done the heavy lifting…

Harvest Partner, News — March 26, 2014
Baptisms-FeatureThe number of people coming to faith in Christ in restricted access nations today is a clear and strong reminder that the Gospel is indeed the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

When Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful, he surely meant everywhere, every day!

India is a nation where believers share the Gospel at great risks. When EHC workers arrived in Thandagole during a recent outreach, they knew they might encounter opposition and that the village priest might stand in their way.

As they pondered their strategy, they decided to start by reaching the priest himself! To their amazement, Patil, the village priest, gladly welcomed them when they knocked on his door.

One of the EHC team members gave Patil a gospel booklet and began sharing the Good News with him. When Patil heard that Jesus came into the world to die for the sins of everyone, he was eager to learn more. As they finished sharing the Gospel, Patil said, “I believe this and I want to receive Christ! Please, come and share this with all the people in my village.”

After sharing the Good News with the rest of the village, the EHC team began to disciple Patil, equipping him to lead others to Christ. In time, this village priest became a minister of the Gospel!

Paul proclaimed the Gospel as God’s solution for the profound spiritual need of humankind.

He saw the Gospel as God’s primary message for everyone, everywhere – even village priests in India; the need is the same–to know Jesus and to be transformed by the power of His Gospel.

In Romans 1, Paul says that the Gospel is the power of God for salvation. With this, he says the essential. Think about it. A person who receives the message of the Gospel and places his or her faith in Christ is declared righteous and delivered from the powers of darkness and eternal death.

When it comes to the mission of the Church, God has already done the heavy lifting.

Our task today is to faithfully spread His powerful Gospel. The Lord will confirm his Word with miraculous signs and, in many instances, it will be conversions that bear extraordinary fruit, touching thousands, even millions of other lives.

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