Finding the Hope expands to the French Caribbean

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner — November 2, 2014

EHC Finding the Hope materials are now being sown across Europe and as far as the French-owned territories of the Caribbean!

Our friend and colleague, Dr. Pierre Clément, who serves as National Director in France and also Regional Director for Europe, has given leadership and vital breath to these many initiatives.

Literally millions of Finding the Hope booklets have been spread throughout a growing number of European nations – and this past year outreaches were enthusiastically launched in several territories of France this side of the ocean.

Finding the Hope outreaches in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana are bearing fruit and changing hearts. Here are a few testimonies received at our office recently.

Finding the Hope expands to Guadeloupe
Yvelise is a social worker. She says she regularly works with families whose situations are very difficult and sometimes appear hopeless. She wrote to say that she counts it a real joy to be able to share this message full of hope with many of them.

A team of two sisters in Three Rivers is systematically reaching every home, hamlet by hamlet. One of them met with the EHC France campaign coordinator in Paris and shared this encouraging testimony:

May the Lord bless this diligent work with many, many people coming to know Jesus personally“In the area of Hermitage people were very happy that we came by. We promised that we would return to further discuss the message of the booklet, answer their questions and help them to know the Lord.”

We give thanks to God for the conscientious service of these women and pray they will see many come to Christ.

Christians across Martinique and Guadeloupe responded in great numbers to the opportunity to work together on Global Outreach Day this past June 14th. They gave out thousands of Finding the Hope booklets and shared later how they saw the Holy Spirit bring the gospel message to life.

They say the demonstration of God’s blessing is clear in the testimonies received since this outreach. We give thanks to God and pray for His blessing on every effort made to present the Gospel to people.

A number of churches in Martinique and Guadeloupe have been consistently sharing the Finding the Hope booklet. They have given out nearly 100,000 booklets in recent months.

Responses are coming in steadily to our office. May the Lord bless this diligent work with many, many people coming to know Jesus personally.

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