A Time To Pray

The important role of prayer in the life of the Church cannot be overstated. I recently read an overview of the Reformers’ teachings on the topic of prayer. The introduction offers the simple statement, the Reformers prayed! The text continues, saying that although we may be tempted to view the Reformation mostly as an arduous labour of

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — October 31, 2013

Sowing in Faith

Every single seed contains a miracle within itself. The miracle begins to unfold when someone plants that seed. In the Parable of the Growing Seed (Mark 4:26-29), Jesus illustrates one more time how the kingdom of God works. In four short verses He uses a familiar analogy to remind us that it is God who unlocks the miracle in every seed.

Harvest Partner, News — October 29, 2013

Helping Hondurans, home by home

The coastal nation of Honduras is bathed in natural beauty, but the majestic landscape conceals a dark reality. According to international data, Honduras has one of the highest homicide rates in the world. Some of the victims have been Canadian tourists. Yet our team has witnessed a stunning transformation.

Harvest Partner, News — October 22, 2013

Turnaround for villages in Siberia!

When a gang leader showed up at an evangelical campaign happening in a village in Siberia, the prayers of the church outreach team were answered in a spectacular way. Before the four-day campaign, the youth of Zakaltus village had feared a ruthless man who controlled two local gangs – but then they were amazed to see… Read More…

Harvest Partner, News — October 17, 2013

Trekking Into Papua New Guinea…

In Papua New Guinea, pioneer missionaries have been going to great lengths to share the Good News. A team of 10 EHC workers recently set out for the remote district of Bialla, where communication with the outside world is completely cut off.

Harvest Partner, News — October 4, 2013

Meeting Neighbours

Meeting Neighbours in the Summer or Fall Some Canadian neighbourhoods may slow down in the summertime, but not those where Finding the Hope campaigns are underway. Summer or Fall can be a great time of year to meet your neighbours!  In Winnipeg, the Filipino United Community Church,

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — September 19, 2013

The Heart of the Human Problem is the Human Heart

Symptoms are never the actual problem. They only point to a deeper and more critical issue. Imagine that Joe has a recurring pain in his left shoulder and arm. He may take a regular dosage of Tylenol, but is he really dealing with the cause of his pain?

Harvest Partner, News — September 13, 2013

Obstacles And Difficulties Never Have The Last Word

Sometimes, evangelism looks a lot like frontier work. For many EHC workers, it’s an arduous uphill climb, literally! This story, from Papua New Guinea, recently came across my desk. Lai valley area is one of the most rugged places in Mendi, Munhiu district.

Harvest Partner, News — September 4, 2013

Sergey And His Team Have a Tremendous Vision

Siberia is vast, difficult to navigate. The people are isolated. Over the past months, Sergey, EHC’s Area Coordinator, has led his team to steadily work to reach every home in several regions of Siberia, including Buryatia and Irkutsk.

Harvest Partner, News — August 30, 2013

What Christians Have Never Been Able To Do

The Soviet official was boasting to a Christian leader at the height of communism’s brutal reign several decades ago. He was proud and blunt. They had converted an entire nation to communism by sowing their message like seeds across the vast Union. The propaganda was brilliantly planned. And it worked superbly.

Harvest Partner, News — August 27, 2013

Praise Report

In the city of Angarsk, a newly formed church recently visited 1000 homes and led 16 people to the Lord. “We visited one girl who has three kids and a sick grandma. It was obviously understood from the very beginning that she was in a deep depression;

Harvest Partner, News, — August 12, 2013

Walking Around His World

Daniel, from Indonesia, converted from Islam after reading a single 12-page gospel booklet. Transformed by the power of that simple message and mentored by EHC church planters,

Harvest Partner, News — August 8, 2013