Finding the Hope

FTH Request on a Dinner Napkin

A Montreal senior was so anxious to receive a copy of 7 Jours avec Jésus (7 Days with Jesus) that she wrote to EHC using what she had at hand—a dinner napkin. The lady, who lives in a retirement home, didn’t even live in the north end, where the Église Chrétienne d’Ahuntsic campaign occurred.

Finding the Hope, News — May 18, 2012

High Response in Moncton

The Moncton FTH campaign, the most extensive in Canada to date, proved that intensive prayer and advertising has a positive impact in making a FTH campaign effective. The campaign reached 85,640 homes. It led to several hundred visits to and over 200 requests for follow up to date.

Finding the Hope, News — May 6, 2012

FTH to grow by another 2,120 homes

Two more churches are sponsoring FTH campaigns in 2012: South Portage Baptist church in Nashwaak Bridge, NB, and Living Hope Lutheran church in Beaumont, AB. In Nashwaak Bridge, a rural community just outside Fredericton, the FTH gospel packets will go to people in 833 homes starting May 7.

Finding the Hope, News — May 2, 2012

First French-only FTH outreach

Eglisa de la Vie Abondante of Cowansville, QC, campaign sponsored Canada’s first French-only campaign. The pastor and congregation have long-term plans to do a little more in their community each year until the entire town is covered. This year they reached 1,127 homes in early March.

Finding the Hope, News — April 29, 2012

Reaching People in 5 Provinces

The message of hope in Christ is arriving in mailboxes in 5 provinces. And the pre-campaign promotion has already drawn on-line responses. The communities involved include the Greater Moncton Area, NB; a portion of Halifax, NS; Cowansville and Gatineau, QC; Brighton, ON and Southeast SK. Please pray that many will respond to the Good News.

Finding the Hope, News — March 16, 2012

March Prayer Events

On March 19, FTH booklets start arriving in Greater Moncton homes. To pray for the release of God’s blessings, the Moncton FTH Campaign has scheduled three more community prayer initiatives. Open Prayer Time – Wednesdays 2-4 pm at Congregational Christian Church of Moncton – 1530 Ryan St. All Night Prayer Vigil

Finding the Hope, News — March 1, 2012