Finding the Hope

Fruit That Remains

FINDING THE HOPE UPDATE The presence of the Lord seemed to fill the room as I listened to Salvation Army Major Calvin Fudge share with me what the Lord has done through the Finding the Hope campaign in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. “It was God’s plan to have churches come together for Finding the Hope

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — March 12, 2013

Prayer For Recent FTH Campaigns

Bright, Ontario is a unique community. There are no churches, of any denomination, in Bright. located in Oxford County, it became part of the outreach vision for people from neighbouring communities and a campaign that took place in early January.  Campobello Island in New Brunswick is another unique spot in the Canadian landscape.

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — March 5, 2013

Prayer for Upcoming Campaigns

March: Woodstock, Ontario and Badger, Newfoundland. May: Sauble Beach and area, Ontario. Please pray for much fruit from these campaigns and for the Lord’s blessing on each participating congregation. Altogether, these campaigns will deliver the FTH booklet to a total of 32,930 homes.

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — February 28, 2013

Riverton Receives The Message Of Hope

A pastor catches the vision  In September 2012, we received a call from a pastor in Riverton, Manitoba, inquiring about Finding the Hope (FTH). The potential of the campaign captivated his interest and he shared the vision with his congregation and the Interlake Ministerial in rural Manitoba.

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — February 21, 2013

Chinese Version of FTH

We are pleased to announce the first printing of a bilingual version in Chinese and English of the Finding the Hope booklet. We are deeply grateful to a team of Chinese believers in Saskatoon for their labour of love for this translation.

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — January 21, 2013

Purser of the Ferry, Presenter of the Hope

Bertrand is a purser on ferries operating from the seaports of Calais and Douvres on routes between France and England. Two decades ago, Bertrand had a life-changing encounter on one of those very ships. A regular passenger, a pastor from Ireland, was distributing the EHC booklet, Are You Happy?

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — November 21, 2012

Two Donors: 28 Communities

Private donors (a married couple) are personally sponsoring FTH campaigns in 28 rural communities in southeast Saskatchewan. He’s done this through four campaigns—two in February and two in August 2012. Because of his concern and generosity, people in 4184 homes will receive the FTH gospel booklet and other campaign material.

Finding the Hope, News — October 4, 2012

The Message is Being Delivered!

Finding the Hope | Trouver l’espoir Canadians are receiving the message of Hope in English and in French. Finding the Hope campaigns recently took place in the greater Moncton area in NB and also in French-speaking areas including Dieppe, NB and Gatineau, QC.

Finding the Hope, Harvest Partner, News — July 12, 2012

Finding the Hope Lights Up Brighton

It began with a brief phone call and a simple question: How could the churches in Brighton reach our community with the Gospel? The answer to that question—Finding The Hope—spread from one pastor to another. Before long, leaders and members from area churches were meeting to pray, plan and then mobilize for one mission:

FTH Campaigns Advance Throughout France

FINDING THE HOPE IN THE CITIES OF FRANCE “They described their personal encounter with Jesus.” “They grasped the truth that Jesus loves them profoundly.” “The reality of Christ moved them to commit their lives to Him and to be baptized because of their devotion to Him.”

“I Need God” —Writing From Prison

The FTH campaign took place last year, but the impact continues. This April, EHC received a letter from a 25-year-old man in a Saskatchewan jail with the words “I need God!” in large bold letters. He asked for a copy of 7 Days with Jesus and for EHC to pray for him.

Finding the Hope, News — May 22, 2012