Finding the Hope helps churches and individuals present the Gospel to every home, to reach every heart.

Equipping Messengers of Hope in Canada

The Finding the Hope Personal Kit provides Christians with a non-intrusive approach for sharing the Gospel. The message can be passed along to someone, sent by mail, or left somewhere to be discovered. Colourful cards (the size of a business card) point people to websites where they can read the gospel message, request follow-up resources and find a local church.

We currently have requests for Finding the Hope Personal Kits in other languages. Your gift will help us translate and produce these kits!

Homes in 74 communities were reached this past year

Every Home for Christ works with churches to implement a comprehensive strategy, including:

  • Raising the vision with leadership and congregations
  • Developing a unique local strategy
    Assisting with mobilization of workers and also prayer mobilization
  • Creating community awareness using radio, television, print and digital media
  • Providing Finding the Hope packets, one for every home
  • Providing follow-up and helping churches connect repeatedly with people in their community

More translations are needed for print and digital resources.


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