Finding the Hope continues to gain momentum in French Canada

Francophone communities can be found in every province and territory of Canada. The largest population concentrations reside in Québec, in parts of New Brunswick and Ontario. But Québec stands out as the most gospel-poor. Some have described Québec as the most secular area of North America.

According to researchers, less than one percent of Québec’s 8.2 million people attend an evangelical congregation. Literally hundreds of municipalities across the province have no evangelical witness.

In recent decades, regular church attendance amongst Roman Catholics has plummeted, causing dozens of churches to close year after year. Today a huge spiritual vacuum exists in Québec into which everything but the Gospel of Christ is being poured. Non-Christian religions are growing steadily. Many think organized religion has failed and abused them. But in their spiritual thirst, they are looking for a religious alternative, feeling there must be more.

God has not forgotten these precious people and there is evidence that He is at work. A growing number of Christians are expressing a desire to reach out with the gospel message. They are discovering that there is an openness among many people to discuss spiritual things.

With Trouver l’espoir, the French version of Finding the Hope, EHC is helping meet a profound need and respond to an unexpected opportunity.

Small churches are experiencing revitalization. One church that had dwindled to nine people has welcomed over 100 people at outreach events, and regular attendance is growing.

We need translation and production of additional key materials, in print and digital formats, to mobilize prayer and resource Christians.

2019 Francophone Outreaches

  • 66,000 homes reached
  • 25 Communities impacted
  • 7 Churches participated
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