Your one-time gift of $43 provides gospel messages to introduce 500 people to Jesus!

Everyone must hear about Jesus. Millions are waiting for the hope that only the Gospel can give. EHC leaders, teams and volunteers serve as messengers of hope in scores of nations on every continent. They go prayerfully, home by home, often braving extremely difficult conditions to reach the lost. The seeds of life and hope they plant produce a harvest, one person at the time.

Chengegai knew that what he was doing was illegal, but it paid well. He drank a lot and visited beerhalls daily. One day an EHC volunteer handed him a gospel message which he stuffed in his pocket, too drunk to read. He found it the next day and read it. Inspired by the message, he attended an EHC meeting and received Christ as Saviour. Following a season of discipleship training, he joined the outreach team.

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