#1 Community every home outreach

We work with local churches to implement a comprehensive strategy built around the ongoing process of praying, sowing, cultivating, gathering the Lord’s harvest and making disciples. This gospel-saturation initiative includes the mail-in FTH packet consisting of the booklet, a warm introduction with response devices, local church contact and invitation cards, door hangers before and after the mailing, additional mail contact, area-wide digital messaging including social media saturation. EHC provides a long list of suggested initiatives that local churches can implement to cultivate the harvest around them.

Finding the Hope resources

#2 Personal outreach

EHC’s Messengers of Hope are individual Christians who partner with the Finding the Hope gospel messaging as volunteers. We provide them with easy-to-use resources that they can use as they go about life to help others know about Jesus. This network of faithful seed sowers is growing. We are now resourcing hundreds of Messengers of Hope across Canada who are using these resources in creative ways.

#3 Digital communication and Social Media

Several digital advertising services such as Google ads are available to help us place a gospel message on-line. These short messages lead people to the FTH website where they can learn more about Jesus, order the Finding the Hope booklet and the follow-up book, 7 Days with Jesus. Through social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram, we can now reach a wide audience across Canada and lead them to the website and also read the Finding the Hope booklet on their personal devices. They can also request follow up and connect with a local church.

#4 The Finding the Hope App

A downloadable App entitled Finding the Hope is available in Apple’s App store to pass along to others, offering a message of hope. It contains the Finding the Hope booklet and other resources to share the Good News of Christ.

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