The testimony below represents outreaches in dozens of nations. Growing security concerns prevents the naming of these nations.

“Three EHC workers were reaching homes in a village when a group of extremists approached them and forcibly took them to the police station. Their gospel booklets and a Bible were seized. Soon a huge group assembled. They were all against our workers but the local police were able to control the situation. All three workers were released in the evening but gospel booklets and response cards were kept at the police station. The police collected addresses, mobile numbers, photo ID cards and the motorbike plate number from all three workers. Our office address, email ID and mobile phone number are also written in each gospel booklet and it may help them raid our place at any time as they have been doing in some places in recent days. We have had to hide all our documents underground. Carefully, we continue to tell our people about Jesus and many are turning their hearts to Him. Please pray for us and for the new believers.”

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